90 days of changes (and P90X)…the results are in!

WARNING: I’m about to brag. I’m going to toot my own horn….ready? Toot toot!! ūüėČ I’m so¬†proud of¬†what I’ve accomplished in the last 90 days, that I want to share my results with everyone. I know all of these small changes that my husband and I have been making in the last few months are going to make big differences in our overall health going forward. We have so much more to learn and I know many more small changes are on the horizon, but I’m going to high five myself for the little changes that are already making a noticeable difference.

Why am I so proud? Because in the last three months, I did something I honestly didn’t think was a possibility: At 31 years old, I am probably in my best overall physical shape EVER! And that’s saying something, considering I used to run 4-7 miles a day in high school and even ran a full marathon in college. I currently weigh the same now that I did when I was a¬†freshman in high school! However, I know that, overall, I am much more balanced than I was 16 years ago. I eat much healthier (and not like a teenager…you know…Doritos, Oreos, pizza, pop…) and I have a better approach to my overall fitness/workout routine.

In the two years after my boys were born, I had accepted the “new normal” that my body had become, but¬†that didn’t mean I was happy with it.¬†In just¬†the last 90 days, I’ve lost a total of¬†10 pounds!¬†And I never felt like I was¬†“dieting” or depriving myself (too much, anyway). I also lost 1.5″ around my waist and 1.5″ around my hips/bottom! That’s a big deal for me. Being healthy has never been about what the scale says, but, it’s hard to ignore a 10 pound weight loss on my body. I feel¬†so much lighter! And when I lift a 10 pound weight, I can’t believe I was carrying that around…sure feels good to have shed¬†that weight! ¬†NONE of my old clothes fit, which is kind of frustrating to have to buy practically an entire new wardrobe, but also exciting. I’m not really sure what motivated all of these changes in January, but¬†my husband and I both knew we wanted to be healthier as a family and look and feel better. I wanted to feel like “me” again: the¬†“me” that was fit and also felt confident enough to¬†go running in a sports bra! I know that sounds like an odd goal, but in high school and college, I thought nothing¬†of it. Over the last few years, I felt¬†embarrassed to run without¬†my shirt (even on super hot days). Not anymore! I’ve regained my¬†confidence and even bought two bikinis for this summer. I may be a 31 year old mom of three, but I’ve worked too hard to cover up under a tankini. ūüėČ

I promise I haven’t taken this to any extremes. Anyone that has seen me eat recently knows that I am in no way depriving myself. In the past 90 days, I’ve ate out at restaurants (big portions!), had ice cream at least once a week, enjoyed birthday cake and baby shower cake, and even had a few fast food meals while traveling. However, everything has been about balance lately and taking a healthier approach to life, in general.

I’m a little embarrassed to show these pictures, but I am super proud of myself and the changes that I can see on my body. I know I was at a healthy weight before I started this challenge, but now that I look back¬†at my pictures from 3 months ago, I see how much stronger and leaner I am now.

Now: more muscle, less stomach flab


Now: 6 pack abs!
(They don’t show up too well in this picture…
but I promise I have them!)
Now: More definition everywhere, thinner face!

So, here are the changes I made these last three months to get in better shape:

  1. I started doing the P90X workout DVDs.¬†My husband and I woke up¬†six mornings a week, every week,¬†at 5:15 so we could squeeze in the 45 minute workout before the kids woke up. P90X is not for everyone, but¬†we both really enjoyed the workouts. They are full of push-ups, pull-ups,¬†free weights and more. While it’s been great for building muscle, I never felt¬†exhausted after a workout, so I always did 30-45 minutes on the¬†elliptical¬†afterwards, which¬†filled my cardio needs (and helped to burn more calories). Getting up super early isn’t always easy, but it actually works really well for our family’s schedule. We just go to bed earlier. After the initial getting out of bed, I’m fully alert and awake about 7 minutes later!
  2. I downloaded¬†the “MyFitnessPal” app on my iPhone. Love it! If you’re trying to lose weight¬†(or even stay¬†where you are currently), I highly recommend this app (it’s free). You can plug in your weight and¬†weight-loss goal¬†and then it becomes a diary of calories consumed and calories burned. I have a daily starting calorie goal and each day I add in my workout and then add what I eat throughout the day and the app tells me where I stand at the end of each day. It holds me accountable and motivates me to make better choices. It also makes sure I don’t starve myself! I love to eat, so this has never been a problem…but there was one day in the last 90 when I didn’t eat enough. When I completed my logging for the day, it notified me that I didn’t eat enough and doing this would put my body in “starvation mode” and my metabolism would slow down. As soon as I saw this, I ate a snack! It’s so easy to add food (you can even scan a barcode) and create your own recipes to save. I have my own homemade bread recipe¬†added, as well as many of the other foods I bake/cook myself. It’s so easy to use. If you have a smartphone, you should check it out. I also noticed that as soon as I got a single friend on the app, it was even more motivation to keep logging in every day. Now I’m going on over 80 days straight!
  3. Of course, you already know this, but we cut out processed foods from our house and are eating mostly real, whole foods. By cutting out processed foods, we’re automatically consuming less fat, calories, and salt (not to mention all the preservatives, dyes, and chemicals we’re NOT eating as regularly now). Plus, one of the biggest things I’ve noticed while making this switch, is that I’ve just naturally started eating more fruits and vegetables at every meal. We still have a few processed foods left in the house (mainly condiments at this point), but we’re so close to¬†eating 100% whole and natural at home. I know I’ll be healthier internally as well¬†by making these changes.
  4. I weigh myself EVERY DAY. Actually, I’ve done this for probably the last 8 years…ever since we got a scale for a wedding gift! I think it’s the best way to keep my weight in check and not let it get out of control. I weigh myself at the same time, every single day, right before I step in the shower. I usually know when I had too much to eat the day before, and, sure enough, it always shows up on the scale. What’s nice about doing this every day is that it forces accountability. If I overeat one day, I just scale back the next day (or two!) and I’m good to go again. It’s much easier to lose a pound or two than it is to lose 10+ pounds. It’s not so overwhelming this way.
  5. I stopped drinking juice with breakfast. I really only drank it to quench my thirst, but juice contains a lot of calories. Even just a 1/2 cup serving can contain around 70 calories. And if you drink a whole glass, that’s 140 calories! I don’t¬†want to run over a mile just to burn that juice off. I would much rather consume a snack later in the day than have a few sips of juice in the morning. I pretty much drink only water now–which is what I’ve always¬†preferred anyway.
  6. And, finally, on the days that I’m serious about coming in under my daily calorie goal (because there are many days when I don’t think about it all that much), I try not to eat anything after dinner. Some days this is easier than others. Most days, I brush my teeth around the same time I’m getting the kids ready for bed and then I’m not tempted to eat¬†anymore. I guarantee this little change is probably¬†one of the top reasons I lost weight. However, I definitely don’t do this every day and I never want to. I know if I deprive myself too much, it will just backfire and then I’ll¬†overeat for days!! So, usually on Friday and Saturday nights, I’ll have a treat after the kids go to bed. I know it sounds like I’m calorie counting, and I suppose in a way I am…but I don’t overthink it. It’s been fun for me to record what I eat and it only takes a minute after each meal. I don’t lie in my journal. Even if I eat processed food or candy, it gets recorded!

And here is what’s even more exciting….I’m not done yet! Starting tomorrow morning, my husband and I are going to start doing the¬†Insanity workout DVDs. I¬†already know these are going to whip our butts into awesome shape (literally)!! My goal is to see how much more I can transform my body and my health. At this point, I¬†can probably only spare to lose a pound or two more. Now it’s just about toning up even more and eating healthier. I also want to improve my cardio and start running again. I ran 5 miles on Sunday morning and I felt great. I was worried how out of shape I was going to be (since I hadn’t run outside in 7 months) but all of the P90X and elliptical workouts had clearly kept me in great shape to start running again. I’m a little sore today, but not too bad. My goal is to run 4 days a week, including a longer run on the weekend. I’m also looking forward to training for the Fort-4-Fitness half marathon in September. The “now” pictures above are going to serve as my “before” pictures in a few months. I can’t wait to see what Insanity and running will do for me!

I thought this would be a fun comparison…. talk about a BIG difference!!

February 2011
(35 weeks pregnant
with twins–ugh!)
May 2013!


To sum this whole post up, I feel so much better than I did just a few short months ago. I feel¬†lighter, I have more energy to run around, and I think it’s definitely¬†improved my overall mood! I don’t ever want to go back to my previous weight!

And here is my weight-loss infomercial ad…ha!

These are pants I wore just 3 months ago…
and they were tight on me (I’m not sucking in).
Now they fall off my hips and I can’t wear
them anymore.

And I have something new to share with you! I’m now a Team Beachbody Coach because I love the workout programs THAT¬†much!! ūüôā If you want support and accountability from ME, I would love to help you meet your fitness goals! Email me at realfitrealfoodmom@yahoo.com if you want more information. I’d be glad to help you find the right program for YOU and your lifestyle. As a bonus,¬†I hold regular ‘challenge groups’ on Facebook where I share meal ideas, tips, accountability, motivation, and more. I’d love for you to join me. Email me to find out when my next group starts! (I’m LOVING the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts at the moment!)

If you want to browse all the Beachbody programs available, you can do that here.

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  1. Congratulations, LeAnn! So happy for you! And so proud to see that your hard work has paid off. You are definitely an inspiration! Someday I might even friend you on the Fitness Pal! But I can guarantee I won't be waking up at 5 AM! Eek! ūüôā Good luck with Insanity! It is definitely a good workout!

  2. Thanks, Annie! Waking up at 5 am isn't too bad…but sometimes it's a bummer to have to go to bed around 9:30 every night!! ūüôā We completed day 1 of Insanity today…wow! I was right–it's going to whip us into serious shape! Can't wait! ha ūüôā Take care!!

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