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BWMuscleI focus most of my blog posts on the foods I make using only real ingredients and while that is the whole reason I started writing this blog, I also thought it would be fun to take a look at the “Real Fit” part of this equation! As some of you know, I’ve been training for a half marathon that takes place THIS Saturday. I’m super excited, but also anxious. I’m anxious because I’ve been running between a 7:50-8:20 mile pace for my long runs and I really, REALLY want to repeat this on Saturday. I’m hoping I’ll feel fresh and rested on the day of the race so that I can accomplish this goal. I will keep you posted! (*Update: You can read about my race here.)

For the last several months, I’ve followed pretty much the same basic workout routine every week. My husband and I get up at 5:05 am every morning (because 5 on the dot would just be too early)! 🙂 I pull myself out of my comfortable bed (which is NOT easy), turn off my alarm, and grab my workout clothes that are sitting, nicely folded, next to the bed. I head to the bathroom (slowly allowing my eyes to adjust to the light), get dressed, put my hair up, put my contacts in and then head to the basement. I’m still pretty tired at this point, but I put my shoes on while I check the weather forecast and read new emails on my phone (I suppose this is also one way I procrastinate a bit…). By this point, it’s time to get moving. Here is my weekly routine:


P90X: Plyometrics – As Tony Horton (the creator of these workouts) says, this workout is all about “jump training” and it’s the “mother of all P90X workouts.” He’s not joking. This is by far the toughest workout we do. It’s a lot of jumping with squats…over and over again…plus a lot of lunges. My legs are always very weak after this workout. While each move is repeated twice, we only do 1 set of each move, otherwise I would have NO energy left over to run. After this weekend, though, we’ll start doing the full workout again.

Run: While training for this half marathon, I’ve been running about 4 times a week, typically going 3-4 miles each day (except for the weekend). This is about all I can squeeze into my morning since I’m usually pressed for time to run, get back into the house, and shower before the kids wake up. Once my three kids are up, it’s ‘go time.’ No more quiet, ‘me’ time…it’s diaper change, potty, jammies off/clothes on, juice in cups, breakfast served, plates/mouths/hands cleaned up, teeth brushed, hair brushing time…and then we’re ready to tackle whatever is on the day’s agenda!


P90X: Back & Biceps – This is just what you would think… Set after set after set of curls.  In and outs, curl up/hammer down, static curls, regular-old curls… My biceps are WEAK after this workout. There are also a lot of pull-ups on this disc (to work my back). I would love to say I can do several pull-ups in a row, but I can’t even do one. Well, maybe I can do ONE…though, I highly doubt I could do more than that. I’m tall-ish (5’7″) and have never been a lightweight, so I find it hard to pull my own weight up. I put a chair underneath me and use that to give myself just enough of a push to do 10 reps of pull-ups. And I usually stop after 3 sets. That’s enough. 🙂

P90X: AbRipper – Just what you would expect… It pretty much rips your abs apart! It’s a total core workout and I love it. While we would prefer to do this three times a week, lately, we’ve only been able to squeeze it in on two days (though, I see that changing once we’re done with the crazy mileage each week).

Run: Usually 3 miles.


P90X: Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps – A big variety of push-ups (chest), shoulder flies, and tricep moves (think chair dips, overhead extensions, side-tri-rise).

Elliptical: I have a Precor Elliptical (the kind that you see in gyms), which is an AWESOME machine. It’s super smooth and it should last us a long, long time. (We bought it PRIOR to having kids… back when we had two incomes and extra $ to spend!) Anyway, I usually spend 30-45 minutes on it at a time. (I look forward to elliptical days because I get to check Facebook, watch part of a documentary on Netflix, or flip through a magazine.) I don’t push myself too hard. These are just easy cardio days. However, you CAN get a really good workout on one if you turn up the resistance, move the incline up and down, and/or push yourself hard enough.


P90X: Legs & Back – Lots of lunges, squats, calf raises…and more pull-ups. I think it’s safe to say that pull-ups are my least favorite move. I just feel like I’m never going to get “good” at doing them!

P90X: AbRipper again

Run: Another 3-4 miles


P90X: Shoulders & Arms – Pretty much what you’d expect and a lot of the same moves from previous discs. My shoulders are usually burning when we’re done (think flies, weighted arm circles, more flies, more curls…).

Elliptical: Usually 30 minutes again…though, when I’m done running, I plan to increase the intensity of these elliptical workouts.


Run: This has been when I do my LONG run. I gradually worked my mileage up each Saturday until I was running anywhere from 7 to the full 13.1 miles, which I did once in training just for fun. The interesting thing about my long runs is that I actually run them at a faster overall pace than my 3-4 mile runs. The longer distance gives me more time to bring my average pace down because my first mile always clocks in around 8:45 – 9 minutes. I don’t try to go that slow…I think it’s just my body’s way of allowing my legs to warm up before they can get into a faster groove. Once I hit mile two, I’m ready to start moving!


Finally, my day of rest. Well, sort of. Most Sundays I get up closer to 6 am (which is sleeping in for me) and do the elliptical for a full hour. Again, I’m not really pushing myself…just logging some additional cardio time. And on a rare Sunday, I might actually allow myself to REALLY sleep in and not get up until the kids wake me up closer to…gasp…7:00!! But…those days are few and far between. 🙂 I honestly find that I’m in a better mood and more productive when I start my day with a workout, even if it’s just a very light one.

So there you have it, my weekly workouts for the past few months!

Note: For those who have been following my blog since the beginning (Hi, family and friends!), I had mentioned in an earlier post that we were going to do the Insanity workout DVDs after finishing the 90 days of P90X. Well, we did the video for about two weeks…and then I told my husband I was done with them. If we had kept them up, I guarantee I would have injured myself. Luckily, I’m smart enough to know when to stop something. It was too jarring on my body and it REALLY hurt my toes with all the back and forth plank/jump movements. Plus, it was extremely fast paced. I like to think I’m in pretty decent physical shape, but I struggled to keep up. By the time I jumped up, came back down and started to do pushups, the people in the video were already on pushup number 3 or 4. No matter how quickly I moved, I couldn’t keep up with them…and that just plain annoyed me!! So, I found myself getting mad and I didn’t look forward to it at all in the mornings. 🙂 We then went back to doing a rotation of the above five P90X workouts, along with doing Ab Ripper several times a week. I’m MUCH happier with this workout plan and I feel like P90X provides me a better OVERALL workout than Insanity did. (There are actually many more discs of P90X that we have chosen not to do right now (either because we didn’t like them or it was a repeat of what was already on the other discs). We may start incorporating some of these workouts back in within the next two weeks…but, I’ll admit, the yoga disc is just not my thing…)

If you’re interested in doing P90X, you can order the DVD workouts online from Amazon!

Working out regularly is definitely a commitment and it takes work to stick with it day after day. Even though I love how I feel after a good workout, it’s still hard to get myself out of bed some mornings. Most workouts I feel really good and am able to push myself. And other workouts…it’s just about going through the motions and getting it done. Even though I’m not getting much out of those ‘unmotivated’ workouts, I know how easy it is to skip two days once you’ve already skipped one!! And once you take a full week off, it’s extremely hard to get motivated to start back up again. I know this from past experience!! If you’re serious about getting in shape, my best advice is to print out a blank calendar and write in your workout plan for each day and then STICK TO IT. Start gradually and work your way up. Don’t overdo it. If you don’t work out at all right now, give yourself a starting goal of 3 workouts per week (even if it’s just a walk or light run). Gradually add to that until you’re up to five times a week and then start giving yourself bigger goals: Run a 5k, sign up for a triathlon (I’m too wimpy to try this…), join a basketball/soccer/whatever league, run a 10k…you get the idea. Start small and don’t be too hard on yourself at first. You’ll get there if you just keep working at it. 🙂

These are older pictures that I posted back in May of this year after just 90 days of two simple lifestyle changes: eliminating all processed foods and adding in P90X workouts. Look at what a difference these two changes made! I still plan to post a new photo at some point in the near future…I’m just slow to get around to it. I like to be showered with a little makeup on… 😉

After 90 days of P90X and REAL foods… THIS is where I’m comfortable now.
Before (2 years after having twins)
Before: Still carrying weight from my last pregnancy (twins!)

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  1. My post today is actually going to be a “P90X vs. Insanity” post. I’ve always loved P90X, but I had similar feelings about Insanity. I made it five weeks before I decided I really hated it. Now I occasionally add it to my workout routine once a week and its a good, challenging addition. But every day? No thanks!

    1. I look forward to reading your post about the differences between the two workouts. Glad I’m not the only one that didn’t like Insanity! Luckily, I’ve heard this from a few others as well. 🙂

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