P90X3 First Week Review

My husband and I started doing Beachbody’s P90X3 workouts on January 2nd. We are just a little over one week in, so I thought now would be a good time to share my “P90X3 First Week Review” with my thoughts on the workouts as well as our “Before” pictures. (If we send in our before and after pictures to Beachbody when we’re done, we’ll get a free P90X3 t-shirt!! We’re both excited about that!)


If you’re not at all familiar with P90X, I’ll tell you what the fitness guide says. P90X stands for Power 90 Days Extreme. At the beginning of 2013, we completed 90 days of the original P90X. After we completed those 90 days, we then picked out the workouts we liked best and repeated those every week for the remainder of the year. When we found out that P90X3 was being released in December, we were both very excited because we needed a new challenge. Our bodies were getting too familiar with the original workouts and weren’t challenging us “as much” anymore. What’s so great about the new P90X3 workouts is that each workout is just 30 MINUTES long! That’s it!!! How awesome is that??? Many of the original P90X workouts were close to an hour long…and that’s a lot of time to put in before the kids get up and my husband goes to work. We often found that we would skip moves we didn’t like or if there was 20 seconds of downtime in between moves, we would ‘fast forward’ those 20 seconds. We were always trying to ‘rush’ the workouts to get in as much as we possibly could.

So, in comes P90X3 with MUCH shorter workouts! You do need some basic ‘tools’ to do the full program: either a small range of dumbbells or a resistance band. (We prefer weights.) You’ll also need a pull-up bar of some type. After doing the workouts for a week, I think a yoga mat is a necessity for your hands. I also just bought myself a yoga block which I’m hoping will help me with some of the yoga moves since I’m so inflexible. And, finally, good quality cross training shoes are important since there is a lot of jumping around and back and forth movements.

So, what are my initial thoughts after completing 7 of the 16 workouts? I like it…it’s challenging…but…at the end of each workout I find myself needing more. Now, to be clear, even if I was totally exhausted, I would STILL feel the need to do more. I like to challenge myself and I’m a runner. I need to RUN to keep in top shape! During the cold weather months (mainly the snowy/icy months), I pretty much stick to the elliptical. I run around 6 a.m. in the morning, so it’s pitch black out. If the roads are clear, I feel safe using my reflective vest and headlamp. However, if it’s dark AND icy? Not going to happen for me. Not only am I scared of getting injured, I also worry about cars sliding into me! So, I stick to my elliptical. It’s a good workout, but I still prefer to run 4 times per week when the weather is better. I’m so anxious to get back out on the trails again soon!!

Anyway, back to my thoughts on P90X3. The biggest factor I’m missing so far is the WEIGHTS. I’ve always loved to lift weights. I want to be doing bicep curls, tricep extensions, shoulder flies, and more! There have been several moves that utilize the free weights, but not as much as I was hoping. There are still 9 workouts that I haven’t even done yet…so maybe there is more to come? Either way, I have a feeling when this 90 days is over, we’ll be bringing back our five favorite original P90X workouts (the ones with weights!) and adding them into the MIX of the workouts we’ll continue doing.

So, here are my thoughts on the seven workouts we’ve completed so far!

Day 1: Total Synergistics – “A full-body resistance workout featuring compound movements.” I really like this workout, but it’s a struggle for me to move my body into some of the positions they want me to (this tends to be an issue for me in several of the workouts)! I’m not flexible (at all!) and putting my legs into a lunge position with one foot way back and the other one up by my arms & head??? Yeah…I’ll do my best…but it doesn’t look pretty! There are quite a few varieties of pull-ups and push-ups in this one, but my favorite moves are the lunges and the weighted plies. I also really like the ‘glamour hammer’ which is basically in and out hammer curls, but while standing on just one leg!

Day 2: Agility X – “A full-body workout that requires floor targets to dictate movement.” The first time we did this, I had a really bad cough so I had to stop about every 20 seconds. The second time through it was great! I liked all the movements and motions (it’s basically a bunch of plyometrics). Lots of lunges (I love lunges!) and jumping from line to line. Definitely wears us out.

Day 3: X3 Yoga – I’m sorry, but yoga is never going to be for me. I’ve told myself that I will stick with it this time and really try to get better…but I’m never going to be someone that gets into it. I bought a yoga block, so hopefully that will help my range of motion with some of the moves. (It should help stabilize me so I can focus on the stretch and not be falling over constantly!) Anyway, it’s only 30 minutes…so I can handle it! I’m slowly trying to learn the names and positions. There are some I can only ‘half’ do. (Like when Tony says, “You can either touch the floor or your ankle, whatever works for you.” But…I can only touch just below my knee!! Ugh!) And then there are other moves that are pretty much impossible for me, like the “Tree Pose.” I just cannot hold my foot against my leg and stand still no matter how hard I try. However, I’m proud that I can do “Ted’s Chair,” which involves holding one foot and crossing it over the opposite leg. You bend that leg deeply and stay still like a chair. As I said, I’ll keep doing this yoga workout…but it’s going to take A LOT of work for me to improve! (We also struggle to keep up because our heads are usually down so we can’t see what’s going on onscreen!)

Day 4: The Challenge – Push-ups and pull-ups. That’s it…for real. Oh my goodness! This workout had me shaking like crazy! I wish I could say that I liked it, but after 3 sets of push-ups and 3 sets of pull-ups, I’m DONE. However, there are WAY more sets than that in this 30 minute workout (of all different variations). Once again, I’m going to do my best to keep up and complete all the moves, but it’s a tough one. No matter how hard I try, doing the ‘military push-ups’ is almost near impossible for me.

Day 5: CVX – So far, this is my favorite workout that we’ve done. It combines plyometric-like moves with weights. Yay, weights! It works my core, gets me sweaty, leaves me out of breath, and I’m weak afterwards. THIS is my kind of workout! Lots of jumps, squats, press jacks, and lunges!

Day 6: The Warrior – This is a total body workout, without any equipment. It’s based on creator Tony Horton’s 10+ years of working with the U.S. armed forces and it touches on all areas of fitness. I wasn’t able to complete all the moves to my liking, but I like that this seems to focus on my core (abs, hips). It will take some work to get good, but it’s definitely a full body workout!

Day 7: Dynamix – This ended up being more of a stretching and ‘increase your range of motion’ type workout. It’s intended to be used as a “rest” day and it definitely holds true to it’s word. It did not wear me out at all, but I know it’s super important for me to continue. So I will! (Update: the more we did this workout, the more we liked it. It’s now part of a regular rotation.)

We will repeat this same schedule for 2 more weeks before moving on to the “Transition Week” and then from there we’ll start incorporating more new workouts.

So, overall, I’m liking P90X3. I’m being challenged with new moves. I’m doing movements that I’ve never done before and I’ve been a little sore every day. I know that I’m challenging muscles that haven’t been ‘used’ in quite some time and as I get better at the movements, I’ll start to see more results. I’m really looking forward to seeing what the next 80 days will bring. And I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of results I can achieve.

I’m going to share our “Before” pictures with you. I feel like we are both in pretty good shape already, but we’re looking forward to seeing to what levels we can take ourselves. I would like to see more definition in my abs and a more toned bottom. 🙂 I don’t really need more definition in my arms or legs. For me, the most important part of all of this is going to come down to what (and how much) I eat. Yes, I eat only REAL foods at home, but I definitely have to watch my intake. You see all the foods I eat because I share so many of them on my blog. However, if I’m not careful, I can easily overeat and destroy any of the hard work I put in at 5:00 every morning! I’ve always been someone that enjoys eating…and I fully plan to continue enjoying foods…but I need to be more careful about the AMOUNT that I eat. Of course, I’m going to indulge from time to time (I mean, really, I did just get an ice cream maker for Christmas!)…but as long as I don’t do it more than a couple days a week, I should see good progress.

My ‘before’ pictures…





My husband’s ‘before’ pictures (and you thought I was pale!!  ha!)…  😉





And then a cute picture of our daughter… (She couldn’t be left out!!)

Look at those strong muscles!! 😉

And I wanted to take one close up of my abs. I know this picture doesn’t mean much right NOW…but I’m hoping that at the end of 90 days we’ll see a big difference!! This is the biggest goal I’ve set for myself! (My abs were actually much more defined back in September when I was training for my half marathon…but then all the Holidays happened…and I like to eat…so, you know how that goes!) 🙂


It will be fun to see the changes in a couple months. I will post again when we’re finished (with maybe one update along the way). Sharing our before and after pictures with the ‘whole world’ (ha…) definitely helps to keep me motivated…so thank you! 🙂 If you want to see the results I had after doing 90 days of the original P90X workouts, you can see my post here: 90 Days of Changes (and P90X). I’m still kind of shocked by the difference in myself over those 90 days. My husband and I look back at pictures of me from just a year ago and we both can’t believe how much I’ve changed!

My next goal is to figure out what my running plans are for the year. I know for sure I’ll run the Fort-4-Fitness half marathon again, but I would like to run at least one other. I’m thinking the Indy Mini Marathon in May. If so, I need to get moving on registration…and, oh yeah, actually running again! 🙂

And guess what? I’m now a Team Beachbody Coach because I love the workout programs THAT much!! 🙂 If you want support and accountability from ME, I would love to help you meet your fitness goals! You can buy all Beachbody workout programs, equipment, and even Shakeology on my Beachbody website!

Email me at realfitrealfoodmom@yahoo.com if you want more information. I’d be glad to help you find the right program for YOU. And I’m holding regular ‘challenge groups’ on Facebook where I share meal ideas, accountability, motivation, and more. I’d love for you to join me!

Make sure to follow me on Facebook to get updates on my progress and see “real food” recipes and meal ideas (for kids too)!!

Update: My P90X3 Block 2 Review AND P90X3 Final Review are now posted on the blog!

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14 thoughts on “P90X3 First Week Review

  1. very inspirational!! and I clicked back to the initial P90X results, too. awesome!! I bet people look at you and think (or even say) “it’s no fair, you can eat whatever you want and stay skinny.” they don’t know or understand the kind of behind the scenes work that is required!! I am 43 and I have 4 kids and am not overweight but I am definitely in need of “shaping up.” so I have started Lauren Brooks’ 12 week kettlebells plan called Be SLAM (strong like a mother). it alternates strength and conditioning days… so far so good! and I am working on reducing the processed foods, too. oh, I do my fitness pal as well, but I haven’t been so good at keeping with my allowed calories. I am working on that as well!!

    1. Thank you so much, Valerie! Yes, it takes a lot of work to be toned like I am! It took me two years after my boys were born before I decided ‘enough is enough’ and decided to put in the work/effort again. I wish it were easier, but I have to hold back from eating too much many days and I have to get up and workout when I don’t ‘always’ want to! However, I do it because I truly LOVE how I feel when I’m in shape. Even when I walk, I feel lighter and healthier. I can run up the stairs two at a time and not even be winded at the top. That’s why I do it. I like the feeling of being trim and toned. And it’s constant work too. If I stopped doing what I’m doing now, I would gain weight QUICKLY! I never deprive myself of yummy foods, but I’ve learned moderation and balance is the key–even if that balance is spread out over a 1 month time period. I just don’t let it go too far in either direction. 🙂 Good luck with your workouts–I love the name of it! 🙂 (I really like MyFitnessPal too. I haven’t used it since last summer, but if you stick with it, it’s a great tool!!)

    1. I like it….but I’m a little torn! It’s a lot of body weight/plank type moves. And I struggle with those. There are lots of lunges and squats, though…and I love those! I hear there is more lifting to come… (I’m still not even half way thru all the workouts yet!!) Some workouts are better than others…but they all seem to be fairly good workouts. Just need to run or do the elliptical after (which I would do either way)!

  2. Hey there! So the after pic is a two weeks works outcome ?! I am sure u have a strict diet… Can share? I just started my week 1…I have terrible muscle ache as I have not been exercising for more than 6 months :'(

    1. Hi Shan–the pictures in this post are my “before” pictures. I’m hoping to wrap up the 90 days here in the next couple weeks and then post my “after” pictures then! I don’t know if I would consider my diet “strict.” If you check out the recipes in my recipe index, you’ll see I indulge in all kinds of yummy foods. However, I watch my portion sizes and I know I burn a lot of calories with running and p90x…plus, just playing with my kids outside now that the weather is warmer will help, too. Yes, if you haven’t worked out much in 6 months, you’ll definitely have sore muscles after starting this program!! I even have slightly sore muscles every few weeks. I think a little ‘muscle confusion’ is good for our bodies, as long as we don’t over-do it.

      1. Hahaha…your food looks delicious yet healthy…my diet is like damn fat…the only thing I worry is I am having some sore but I kept continue ..will it hurt my muscle?or should I just stop like days to let them recover…

        1. I think only you can answer that, Shan. Muscle ‘soreness’ is totally normal when you use muscles that haven’t been used in a while. Just take your workouts a little easier for a few days and don’t do anything extreme that would cause injury. Continuing to workout while sore is usually just fine! However, if you’re having pain (sharp, dull, shooting), then yes, you will want to stop right away and have that checked out before you do more injury.

          1. Thanks Leanne…is my day 6 now…doing really although there is some soreness over upper body…hope will be better for week 2!

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