I’ve been slacking…

Confession: I’ve been slacking lately. Mainly, I’ve been lacking the motivation to workout at the intensity that I would prefer and I’ve been eating too much. Combine those two things…and the result is that I’ve gained a few pounds. Five pounds, to be exact. I know this isn’t some crazy amount, but I’ve hit the ‘end point’ of where I’m no longer comfortable.

The last few weeks, this constantly cold/icy weather has really gotten to me. I’m not depressed, I’m just unmotivated to care as much about how I look. As I mentioned in my P90X3 Block 2 Review, when I’m constantly wearing layers of thick clothing, it’s hard to care about how flat my stomach is at the moment. However, here’s why I’m ready to get back to ‘my normal’ again… I’m feeling the extra weight now. It’s uncomfortable. I’m ready to get back to the ‘trim and fit’ me.

I debated whether or not to share this on my blog. I could have easily just gotten back into shape and no one would ever know that I struggle sometimes, too. At the end of my P90X3 program, I could have showed off my (hopefully) trimmer body and everyone would assume that it was a straight and easy path to get there. However, that wouldn’t be keeping it “real” for you. I’m sharing this with you (my readers) so,

  1. You can see that even someone who writes fitness program reviews, shares ‘real food’ recipes, and claims to be a “real fit” mom has their moments when they get off track, too, just like anyone else. We all fluctuate a little. If you don’t, then you must be extremely disciplined. Good for you…I think…
  2. If I publicly share my goal, then I will stick to it…no doubt about it! YOU help hold me accountable and I don’t want to come back on here in two weeks and write that I “failed” to meet this goal.

So here it is: In two weeks time, I want to be back to my ideal weight and feel comfortable and happy with my body again.

Here are the steps I will take to make that happen:

  • Drink more water. I set a health goal to drink at least 60 oz of water per day. I’ve been slacking on this one and my pitcher has not been emptied each day like I had planned. I’m back to it this morning! Pitcher is filled, first two glasses are gone.
  • Stop eating like I’m running 5 miles a day! Because I can’t get out to run like I want to right now, I need to reign in my eating habits. Easier said than done, I know, but I’m making that commitment today. Breakfast eaten, teeth brushed…will eat again at lunch time. 🙂 (I eat early, so there is no need for a morning snack.)
  • Get more sleep. This was another goal I set at the beginning of the year…to get 7 hours of sleep each night. Again, I’ve been slacking. I admit, I struggle to turn off the computer at night. When the kids are in bed, that’s my time to really focus on my blog. When I start typing up a new post or even catching up with all my various social media accounts, it’s hard to stop going! I could work on my blog 24 hours a day and never ‘truly’ feel like I’ve done everything I want. I enjoy it so much, that it never feels like work to me…it’s my ‘me time.’ However, I told my husband this morning, I *have* to stop each night by 9:30. No more staying up until 10:15/10:30. Plus, my boys still aren’t the best sleepers. On a typical night, we are both up at least once with someone. If one boy sleeps through the night, it’s guaranteed the other one won’t. And vice-versa. I think they like to switch things up on us nightly to keep us entertained! It’s a quick, ‘tuck me in’ type wake up, but it still disrupts our sleep. :/ Combine going to bed too late with 1-2 wake ups every night…and, well, that makes for a SUPER tired mommy when that alarm goes off at 5 a.m. When I’m so tired first thing in the morning, I have a harder time getting motivated to workout at a more intense level. Goal: In bed BY 9:45 each night so I can be asleep by 10 and get 7 hours of sleep (assuming the boys sleep, too).

I’m publicly committing to getting back to my own ideal weight. I will report back in two weeks to let you know how I did. We all fluctuate and that’s okay. The important thing is to know when you’ve let things go too far in one direction and ‘correct’ bad habits before they get out of hand. It’s much easier to lose 5 pounds than it is it to lose 20 (though, it can be done…it just takes A LOT more determination and time). Five pounds will be somewhat “easy” for me. Will it take commitment? Yes. Will I go to bed just a ‘little’ hungry at night? Probably. However, I know when my body is trim and in-shape, like I prefer, I honestly feel like myself. I feel better. And, therefore, I’m happier because I’m healthier. That makes me a better me, a better mom, and a better wife.

That is all. 🙂

P.S. – If anyone would like for ME to help hold them accountable to something over the next two weeks, let me know! I would love to help someone reach a goal–whatever it may be–even if the only thing I do is to be your ‘cheerleader’ from the sidelines. Email me a goal that you want to reach in two weeks and I’ll check back with you at the half way point to see how things are going. Hopefully, we’ll both have small victories to celebrate two weeks from now. 🙂

You can email me at: realfitrealfoodmom@yahoo.com

Note: The roads around here are finally starting to dry up so maybe, fingers crossed, I can start running again? I can handle the cold. I can’t handle dark, icy roads. We shall see!

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8 thoughts on “I’ve been slacking…

  1. I think just about everyone I know right now is going thru this, myself included. And for me, it’s the bouncing around the same few pounds (end stage perimenopause really sucks, I’m 52 for crying out loud!) – feel so great when I lose a few, so down when I gain them back. Totally unmotivated to cook & I like to cook! Spring will come & we’ll get more energy . . . before we’re complaining about the heat & humidity of summer, of course.

  2. We are on the same wave-length! After days of feeling sluggish and yucky from carrying ten extra lbs and being a slacker with my running, I declared February 20 my “Do Over Day”. I’m back on track with my running and reigning in my ridiculous eating/snacking habit and sat down and wrote out my steps to reaching my goal of losing this weight. I would love some accountability! I love it so much I even signed up for my second half marathon on April 12. Nothing like a race on the calendar to stir up the motivation “juices”. I also am logging what I eat in My Daily Plate. I am not technically overweight by any medical chart and don’t even own scales, but I feel sluggish from this extra ten I’m carrying . I live in beautiful, warm SC so I have no excuse not to get outside and run. I also have a gym membership for rainy days. (There’s no reason for me not to succeed. I work all day and choose to come home and be a vegetable. Not anymore.)Thank you for your well-timed blog post and as always, for your recipes !

  3. (Just found your blog via your RunKeeper comment…)

    This was perfect timing for me too! Pretty much in the same place – 5 lbs up since Christmas, and really 5 lbs up from where I felt quite comfortable. For me, it all came down right after my first half in January, when I stopped running as much and kept eating like I was still training. I have been trying to do what I hate doing most – count calories – over the last week, to see what nutrients I am lacking in and what I am doing wrong. Just like Betsy mentioned above, I am thinking about signing up for a race, any race really, just so I can stay motivated and actually stay consistent with my running workouts.

    1. Hi RunGurlie! Yes, I hate to count calories too…but when I was trying to lose a big chunk of weight a year ago, it definitely was the best way to keep track of my daily intake and exercise! Signing up for a race always keeps me accountable too…I need to find one soon, but I’m hesitant to sign up for anything when I still can’t get out to run! (It snowed AGAIN this morning…) Good luck with your goals! Keep me posted! 🙂

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