2014 Summer Bucket List

Last year while visiting a friend, I saw that she had a “Summer Bucket List” on her refrigerator door. I was totally intrigued because I had never really thought about writing these all down before. I’m all about ‘to-do’ lists…so having one for summer activities, as well, just makes sense! I always have so many things I want to do with my kids, but if I don’t make these plans well in advance, they just won’t happen! (Spontaneity with three little kids is not a strong skill of mine!)

I typed up a list of things we’d like to do with our kids this summer and I’ve added most of these activities to specific days on my calendar, as well…because then it means it will actually happen! Last summer we made it through the majority of our list…but this year I’m hoping that we can make it through the entire list!

Anyway, I figured if I was going to take the time to type up a new list and print it out for myself, I might as well share it with all of you, too! 🙂 Please feel free to use this list as a base for your own summer plans! Enjoy!

Summer Bucket List

Note: On my own list, I’m a little more specific with locations and/or days of the week but I figured that would just be confusing for the majority of readers since most of you don’t live in the same city as me. 🙂 Also, these are in no particular order…

My 2014 Summer Bucket List:

  1. Go to the splash pad and pack a picnic lunch
  2. Go to the local 4-H fair to see the animals and exhibits
  3. Baseball game with all the kids
  4. Watch fireworks
  5. Go bowling
  6. Play at different parks (we usually stick to three main ones…so the goal is to branch out and go to ones we haven’t been to before)
  7. Go to the zoo each week (we have a membership)
  8. Go to the library once a week and check out new books (and find a good series to read through)
  9. Nature walk through our environmental center and local trails
  10. Chalk games (find numbers, letters, words, hopscotch, etc.)
  11. Fly kites
  12. Go to the downtown weekend farmers’ market as a family
  13. U-Pick strawberries (I hope to do this several times since I plan to make a lot of strawberry sauce!)
  14. Movie night in pajamas with popcorn
  15. Bike ride to the park with a picnic lunch
  16. Evening park concert series (These don’t start until after my kids’ normal bedtime, but I want to take them to at least one this summer.)
  17. Watch a local parade
  18. Swim in our kiddie pool
  19. Run through the sprinklers…and this includes the adults!!
  20. Go to an amusement park
  21. Go fishing
  22. Play dates with various friends and family (both in town and out of town/overnight visits)
  23. Swimming lessons for the kids (they start in a couple days)
  24. Swim (hope to do this as much as we can)
  25. Work with my daughter to keep her prepared for Kindergarten (writing & sounding out words, practice writing her first and last name, memorizing my cell phone number, our full address, etc.)
  26. Flash cards with the boys (Letters, numbers, shapes, colors)
  27. Play baseball (t-ball) with the bases out
  28. Take the kids on individual one-on-one dates (so that would mean six ‘dates’ in total since we have three kids)
  29. Make a big fort with tables and blankets
  30. Wash my van on the driveway
  31. Make milkshakes with homemade ice cream
  32. Go to the lake cottage my parents rented and ride in a boat
  33. Practice basketball skills…dribbling, passing, etc.
  34. Go to the track to run laps
  35. Play a “real” soccer game
  36. Take our daughter mini golfing
  37. Go canoeing

Many of these activities we plan to do multiple times and some we’ve already done! We definitely have a busy summer ahead of us filled with lots of activities, but I’m really looking forward to each and every one! As much as I like to have some type of activity planned for each day during the summer, I also like to have a few days with NOTHING going on. I think it’s important for everyone’s mental well-being (mostly mine!) to take a break here and there. And since I’m the one that actually has to coordinate and implement each activity (while the kids just have fun), I better make sure not to over-do it for my sake! 🙂 And besides…if I don’t have some scheduled down time, when would I write new blog posts?!? 😉

What would you add to my list? Do you make a summer bucket list like this? I’d love to hear what’s on your family’s agenda for this summer!

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