Real Food Ultimate Gift Guide

I know, I know…it’s not even Thanksgiving yet…but…the Holiday season is quickly approaching and I’ve already started purchasing a few Christmas gifts for my family! I figure if I spread out the cost over a few credit card bills, it won’t seem quite so shocking come January! 😉 Anyway, I try not to go overboard, but I also like to be very practical with my gifts (both for myself and the ones I give to other people). I like everything to serve a purpose in my house! And, don’t worry, even though I’m already shopping (almost exclusively online), I won’t actually decorate my house for Christmas until AFTER Thanksgiving! I’m traditional in that way. 🙂

When it comes to buying for other adults, especially those who are really into cooking and/or healthy living, I thought it would be fun to share my “Real Food Ultimate Gift Guide!” These are the gifts that people might not buy for themselves, but they are super useful tools to have in the kitchen. You can use this list as a guide as you cross off family members like your siblings, parents, aunts/uncles, and even close friends (if you exchange gifts). Also, you may want to share this list with your spouse (with a ‘hint, hint’ on the items you’d like most)! That’s what I like to do, anyway… 😉

And, stay tuned, because I have a couple more exciting roundups like this one coming soon! I love finding fun, unique ideas and sharing them with all of you!


Note: The prices I’ve included in this post are current as of 11/5/14 and they are in order from least expensive to most expensive!

  1. Donut pan – Because who doesn’t love donuts? Now your loved one can make their own (or make some for you?) 🙂 Plus, most people don’t already own donut pans. (FYI – I have two.) – Price $6.79
    Donut Pan
  2. Silicone baking mat – I use mine all the time and kind of want another. Easier cleanup for granola or cookies…or to use for rolling out dough on the counter. – Price $8 – $12.52
    baking mat
  3. Glass mason jars – Perfect for food storage: pastas, nuts, seeds, oatmeal, chocolate chips…you get the idea. 🙂 For a truly homemade gift, fill one of these jars with either homemade taco seasoning or hot cocoa mix! It’s two gifts in one: the jar AND the yummy mix that can be used several times. – Price $8 – $23.00
    Mason Jars
  4. Stainless steel smoothie straws – You may have heard me mention a time (or two) how much I love these straws! I used to throw away plastic straws every time we drank a smoothie (times multiple kids). It was a lot of waste! These are super easy to clean and mine still look brand new with over a year of heavy use! – Price $8.99
    smoothie straws
  5. Mini muffin pan – Most people have a regular-sized muffin pans, but who doesn’t like cute little mini muffins (or cupcakes!) sometimes? Bite-sized can be better in many situations! – Price $9.83
    mini muffin tin
  6. Oil sprayer – Regular cooking sprays (PAM) are filled with propellants and other questionable ingredients. This sprayer can be filled with pure olive oil and sprayed onto pans just the same! – Price $9.99
    Oil sprayer
  7. Reusable produce bags – I don’t actually own these yet…but they are on MY Christmas wish list! I buy so much more produce these days and I hate seeing so many plastic bags go to waste shortly after bringing them home (even though I recycle them)! I’m really looking forward to using these (hopefully) soon. – Price $11.15 for 5 (I asked for two sets!)
    Reusable produce bags
  8. Healthy meatloaf pan – It’s kind of gross, but I love seeing all of the grease that fills up the bottom of this pan when I cook meatloaf for dinner. So much healthier than being cooked IN that grease! – Price $12.04
    Meatloaf pan
  9. Salad dressing shaker – Good for measuring, mixing, and storing homemade salad dressings. – Price $14.99 (for the large bottle)
    Salad dressing shaker
  10. 100 Days of Real Food cookbook – For someone who might be overwhelmed with this lifestyle or think it’s too hard to even try, this is the book for them! It’s filled with a ton of great information, resources, and lots of simple real food recipes. (I wrote a review about it here.) Of course, it’s also a good book for the ‘seasoned’ real food enthusiast! – Price $17.99
    100 days of real food cookbook
  11. Popcorn popper – We stopped buying microwavable popcorn bags as soon as we switched to real food and haven’t looked back since. This is so easy to use that even a kid can do it (unlike popping over a hot stove). – Price $18.63
    Popcorn popper
  12. Box cheese grater – Yes, many people already own a cheese grater, but not everyone owns a nice box version! If you (or someone you know) is buying prepackaged cheese, give them the gift of NOT eating wood pulp (aka cellulose) along with their meals. – Price $23.12
    cheese grater
  13. Rotating waffle maker – This was actually one of the Christmas gifts my daughter requested last year! She was nice enough to let me use it this past year. 😉 It’s perfect for Sunday brunches…or simple weekday breakfasts! – Price $25.99
  14. Digital food scale – I use mine all the time for measuring recipe ingredients (flours, fruits, meat, and more). I would be lost in the kitchen without it some days! – Price $30.99
    Food Scale
  15. Electric griddle – I use mine to make everything from pancakes to quesadillas to grilled cheese sandwiches! The large cooking surface is what keeps me using it again and again for my family of five. – Price $34.04
    electric griddle
  16. Butter crock – For soft, spreadable organic butter…anytime! SO much better than trying to spread hard butter right out of the fridge…and don’t even get me started on using ‘fake butter’ spreads. If someone you know still buys that stuff, this would be an awesome gift! (And, FYI, there are cheaper options than this Le Creuset crock, it’s just the one I own and feel comfortable recommending.) – Price $34.95
    Butter crock
  17. Immersion blender – For soups, applesauce, sauces, etc. Never thought I would really use mine that much until my mom gave me one. I use it several times a month and it’s WAY easier than trying to transfer hot foods to a blender. – Price $34.95
    Immersion Blender
  18. Ice cream & sorbet maker – Great for people who enjoy the occasional treat, but want to control the ingredients (organic, dairy-free, etc.). It would be perfect for older kids, as well! Plus, it comes it lots of fun colors. I have pink! 🙂 – Price $49.41
    ice cream maker
  19. Stainless steel rice cooker & food steamer – I know this is a pricier model than many other rice cookers, but I love it’s larger capacity AND that the pot is made from stainless steel, rather than plastic. I also simply love that I can cook brown rice while playing outside in the afternoons! Definitely better than standing by a hot pot for 40 minutes making sure it doesn’t boil over. – Price $71.52
    Rice cooker
  20. Ninja blender with individual blending nutri cups – I use mine several times per week (if not every day). It makes awesome smoothies and is WAY more powerful than my older Oster blender. You can also puree fruit or salad dressings in the smaller cups…making for less cleanup! – Price $118.00
  21. Bread Machine (and keeper)- Another ‘big item’ that I use more frequently than I ever expected. I make every single loaf of sandwich bread we eat in this house…and my kids absolutely love it!! – Price $129.99 (And if you buy a bread machine, you may want to get the storage container (which includes a cutting board) to go along with it. I love mine! – Price $16.60) Bread machine
  22. BONUS! This was not on my original list, but as I’ve been ‘living life’ over the last month, I realized that my pots and pans are still in serious need of replacement. I asked for recommendations on my Facebook page a while back and was told it came down to either All-Clad or Calphalon. I decided to test out a Calphalon omelette pan instead of jumping head first and buying the whole set. I like it, though I’m still getting used to cooking without the non-stick surface. So, now that means I need to start accumulating each of the main pieces of this set! This sure would make an awesome Christmas gift for a spouse or maybe even a grown child? 41AipazrQLL._SL160_

What cooking/appliance/kitchen/real food gift ideas would you add to this list? I would love to hear in the comments below (or on Facebook)!


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same, but Real Fit, Real Food Mom will earn a small commission (which helps to offset web hosting fees, maintenance, etc.). Your support is greatly appreciated!

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  1. The donut pans are definitely on my list this year! 🙂 Maybe a butter crock too. Thanks for the list!

    1. You are very welcome, Kelly!! You will be super happy with the butter crock! And I’m guessing you have two little boys (three?) that will enjoy those donuts! 😉 ha

  2. I definitely need the butter crock because I hate trying to spread cold, hard butter onto biscuits. I also still need to buy a Misto and salad dressing bottle. On my husband’s list is a 7.25qt Le Creuset round dutch oven pot to make his famous soups. It is expensive so I think it will have to count as his birthday present AND anniversary present too! I want the new green Ball Heritage jars. I have tons of mason jars but just love the new green color.

  3. What a great list, thank you! I’m always looking for more ideas, and I love things that can encourage people to eat better things!

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