Real Food Stocking Stuffer Ideas

real food stocking stuffer ideas

So, here’s the deal on stocking stuffers… I know it’s technically Santa Claus’s job to fill all those stockings on Christmas Eve, however, I know he can get busy at this time of year and may need a little inspiration when it comes to what to put in them. So, to help out, I put together a list of 20 items that I know I would love to see in my stocking on Christmas morning…and I bet others would, too! The list is mostly filled with ideas for adults, but I even included a few that you Santa could put in a child’s stocking! I hope this helps!

  1. Organic apples and/or oranges – These were always at the bottom of our stockings when we celebrated Christmas at our grandparents’ house growing up. I think it’s a great idea. My kids will probably laugh about it…but I’m pretty sure they will enjoy their snack later in the day. And since Santa knows that apples are on the dirty dozen list, he knows it’s important to buy organic for this particular fruit.stocking stuffers
  2. Smoothie straws – Love, love, love mine. They reduce waste. Enough said. Santa should put these stainless steel smoothie straws into anyone’s stocking that drinks smoothies with any regularity. stocking stuffers
  3. Citrus juice press – This is something that I don’t have yet…but I’m hoping Santa will bring me. I think it will really come in handing for juicing lemons and limes. (And after squeezing numerous lemons by hand to make myself electrolyte recovery drinks during my half training, I’m definitely ready for something to do the work for me!) stocking stuffers
  4. Lifefactory glass water bottle – I use mine any time I leave the house for an extended period of time. I don’t want to use plastic, especially if it’s going to be left in a hot car. The chemicals leaking into the water is too much of a concern for me these days. These glass bottles are so pretty, too! Who wouldn’t want to be carrying one of these bottles around with them?? Plus, they come in varying sizes and a large array of neat colors! stocking stuffers
  5. Reusable produce bags – I don’t have these yet either…but they’re on my wish list! I can’t wait to stop wasting plastic bags every time I go to the grocery store, especially now that I buy so much more produce! stocking stuffers
  6. Justin’s All-Natural Maple Almond Butter Packets – I love these packets for when we travel! You can eat them plain (right out of the packet) or use them for anything from a fruit dip to adding into your oatmeal at a hotel breakfast to spreading onto toast. (Note to Santa or his helpers: sometimes I can find these packets on sale at my local grocery store for $1.00 each. That’s the time to stock up on these!) stocking stuffers
  7. Misto olive oil sprayer – I use mine all the time. You fill it with olive oil and that’s it! Definitely a much better ingredient list than using a bottle of PAM. No propellant or other yucky ingredients included! (You can read my post on why to avoid cooking sprays here.) stocking stuffers
  8. The Honest Co. Hand Sanitizer travel spray – I found this at Target and have been carrying it in my purse ever since. It’s free of triclosan and parabens…and it also doesn’t leave my hands (or my kids’ hands) feeling sticky afterwards. stocking stuffers
  9. Calphalon Knife Set – I use the tomato knife in this set probably about 8 times per day. I love how easily it cuts through tomatoes, apples, strawberries, etc, etc. It’s by far my favorite knife. And a serrated bread knife is always good to have if you make your own bread! stocking stuffers
  10. Organic Chocolate Bar – Of course, there are many, many options to choose from and you can find them in your local grocery store (I assume), but who wouldn’t like a little chocolate in their stocking? An organic, dark chocolate bar would be a much better choice than almost all of the processed, milk chocolate options out there. stocking stuffers
  11. OXO Salad Dressing Shaker – Great for mixing homemade salad dressings. And it pours nicely, too! stocking stuffers
  12. Homemade Taco Seasoning – Put it in a little glass jar (like this one) and the gift serves a purpose long after the seasoning is gone. Or, better yet, include the recipe so they can see how easy is to skip the little packets at the store. (Just don’t forget to include my website so they can find all my other great recipes.) 😉Taco Seasoning
  13. Magnetic Grocery Shopping Lists – I love these lists! I keep a pad on my refrigerator to make my grocery list throughout the week. And I almost always have one in my stocking at my mom’s house each year. (Yep, Santa still brings me gifts there, too!) 😉 They can be found online or in pretty much any store!stocking stuffers
  14. eos Lip Balm or Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – I love both of these brands. And I notice that I’m seemingly less addicted to lip balm now that I’m using these natural products. If Santa will be putting these lip balms into multiple stockings at your house, he may want to check out Costco. I’ve seen a large variety pack of the eos brand there (though, I haven’t done any price comparisons to know if it’s a better deal or not). stocking stuffers
  15. Silicone Baking Liner – I use mine for baking granola, rolling out dough, and lining baking sheets when I make cookies. I know I want another one! (And probably one in each size.) stocking stuffers
  16. Knife Sharpener – I have some straight-edged knives that I can’t seem to sharpen well with the tool that came with my set. I’m hoping this highly-rated sharpener will do the trick for me! And it’s small size is perfect for a stocking!Stocking Stuffers
  17. Homemade Vanilla Extract – Someday I’m going to do this! This post comes from my friend Courtney at Family Gone Healthy. She uses vanilla beans and vodka to make her own and puts them in pretty glass jars. It would make a great stocking stuffer for someone who likes to bake!stocking stuffers
  18. Cuisinart Immersion Blender – Okay, so this product probably won’t fit into a stocking while it’s in the box…but, if you really wanted to squeeze it in, you could easily take it out of the box. 😉 I use mine way more than I ever thought I would. Great for all sorts of soups and sauces! stocking stuffers
  19. Organic Suckers – I’m not real big on lots of candy, but…sometimes it’s nice to have a sucker (a.k.a. a bribe) in my purse for those times when I really need something to happen. I occasionally will buy this brand of suckers from one of the natural grocery stores around me. My kids love them and they have no idea that they aren’t filled with artificial dyes and other junk. I can guarantee they would be happy to see a few of these suckers in their stockings on Christmas morning! stocking stuffers
  20. Spin Toothbrush and Tom’s Natural Toothpaste – Maybe my kids are just weird, but they really do get excited about new toothbrushes (especially when they have fun characters on them)! And if Santa put a spin brush in there? Even better! When it comes to toothpaste, though, we only use dye-free choices these days (for both myself and my kids). I like the Clean Mint variety, while my kids toggle between the Silly Strawberry and Wicked Cool! Mint options.  stocking stuffers

So, do you think Santa will like any of these ideas? I hope so! I know I would be very pleased to see some of these in my own stocking! 🙂 Let me know what your favorite suggestion is. I would love to hear!

Oh…and did you see my Real Food Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide filled with 21 unique ideas? If not, make sure to check it out! There are lots of fun ideas in that list for either giving or receiving!

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through an affiliate link, your cost will be the same, but Real Fit, Real Food Mom will earn a small commission (which helps to offset web hosting fees, maintenance, etc.). Your support is greatly appreciated!

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