Favorite Posts of 2014

Favorite posts of 2014

On Monday, I shared my most popular posts of 2014 (aka the blog posts that were viewed the most). So, today, I’m sharing my favorite posts of 2014! There is a big difference between these two lists, but these posts below are the ones that I’m most proud of writing this past year! In no particular order, here are my 15 favorite posts!

  • Progression of a Hemangioma in Pictures – This post has been fairly popular with the search engines and it is such a great feeling to get an email from a worried mom telling me that my post put her at ease. That was the whole reason I wrote it. It has nothing to do with my usual blogging topic of real food, but as I realize I have a voice to share, I knew I wanted to share this part of my life with people. In the scheme of things, it was a very minor issue that my daughter had…but to a new parent worried about a red mark on their baby’s skin, I knew this post could help put some parents at ease. HemangiomaProgression
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Apple Dip – This was probably my number one snack choice of the past year. So delicious! Chocolate Peanut Butter Apple Dip
  • Overcoming the Obstacles of a Real Food Lifestyle – I wrote this post to hopefully encourage more people to eat this way and help them overcome some of the obstacles that we face when trying to eat real. Overcoming Obstacles
  • Purple Superfood Smoothie – I love this smoothie, mostly because of it’s awesome color! The fact that it tastes really good, too, is just a bonus! 😉 Purple Smoothie
  • Real Food School Lunchbox Ideas – My daughter and I have enjoyed packing her lunch together (most days), so it was fun to put together this compilation of ideas. School Lunchbox Ideas
  • My First Trip to Costco – I have since been to Costco MANY times this past year and I love how many organic/natural choices it offers. Costco Logo
  • Quinoa Patties – We eat these all the time! They are so good and it’s the only way my kids will eat quinoa. Quinoa Patties
  • How to Host a Real Food Birthday Party – We had a great time at my daughter’s 5th birthday party (almost a full year ago now), but I still managed to stick to my real food ideals. Host Birthday Party
  • 2014 Summer Bucket List – This had nothing to do with real food, but I enjoyed planning out what we wanted to do this past summer. I kept this list on our refrigerator and we tried to ‘check off’ as many of them as possible! Summer Bucket List
  • 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook – As a fairly new (and small-ish) blogger, it was really cool that I had the chance to review my favorite blogger’s first-ever cookbook. I’m still referring back to the book for recipes on a regular basis! 100 Days of Real Food Cookbook Review
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream –  I made this ice cream A LOT this past year and it was definitely my favorite one. Chocolate PB Ice Cream
  • How to Start a Blog: A Beginner’s Guide – This was a fun post for me to write, but also one of my most in-depth posts! It took a ton of time to put all of this together, but I know at least a few bloggers that utilized it at some point or other during the year and that alone was worth it for me! How to Start a Blog
  • Real Change is Possible – I love sharing my story of how cutting out processed foods and stepping up my workout routine transformed my body into its best physical shape ever. At 32 years old!!Real Change is Possible
  • Natural Electrolyte Recovery Drink – I liked this post so much simply because its a recipe I used many times this past fall when I was training for my half marathon AND it’s what I drank after I had the stomach bug just a few weeks ago. It really works! Plus, it eliminates the need for sports drinks with questionable ingredients. electrolyte recovery drink
  • 2014 Family Christmas Card – I enjoyed sharing this post simply because it was FUN! I loved our Christmas cards this year and we enjoyed creating our own little video to go along with it. 🙂 Christmas Card

So there you have it…my 15 favorite posts from the past year! I thought it was kind of interesting that most of them weren’t actually recipe posts. I guess it just shows that I enjoy writing/talking as much as (or more than) coming up with new recipes! 😉 Do you have a favorite blog post or recipe of mine??? I would LOVE to hear!

Happy New Year, Everyone!!!

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  1. I found your blog in 2014, and I wanted to thank you for inspiring me to make changes to the way I eat this year. Some of my most favorite posts of yours are smoothie recipes and as a runner myself, your running/fitness posts. I have enjoyed getting to know you and your family through your blog and social media pages, and hope you all have a great 2015!

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