Making your own breadcrumbs is so incredibly easy. It’s one of those things that once you make your own, you’ll wonder why you ever bothered with the store bought versions before. I’ve been making them myself for almost two years now and even though I’ve shared how I do it in a previous blog post, it really needed a post of its own.

how to make breadcrumbs

I didn’t buy breadcrumbs very often in our processed food days, simply because it wasn’t often that I would make something that required them. If I was eating food with a breading on it, it came from a box or a bag (think chicken nuggets, chicken patties, fish sticks, etc.).  However, on the occasions that I did buy breadcrumbs, I bought the Kroger brand. Check out these ingredients (from Fooducate app):

kroger breadcrumb ingredients

That’s A LOT of ingredients for breadcrumbs. Of course, I’m not shocked by this considering how hard it was to find ‘real food-approved’ sandwich bread when we first started this journey. (Hence, why I make my own bread these days.) Anyway, I realize there are better brands out there and a few organic options that would be a much better choice, but I wanted to share what we used to buy…before I realized how simple it is to make my own.

Here’s how I make my breadcrumbs:

  1. Slice homemade or other good quality bread into several slices. sliced bread
  2. Spread on a baking sheet and preheat oven to 200 degrees.spread on baking sheet
  3. Put in oven and bake until they are completely dried out. This could take anywhere from an hour to a couple hours, just depending on how fresh and how thick the slices were to begin with.
  4. Break the pieces up and put into a blender.
  5. Blend until you have tiny breadcrumbs.
  6. Transfer to a storage container and store in the freezer until needed.Breadcrumbs3

And that’s it! So simple, right??

If I ever have bread that is one too many days old (a rarity…), this is what I will do with it. I hate to let any food go to waste in our house, so this is a great way to use it up and save money at the same time. And since I use homemade bread, I know every ingredient that’s in my breadcrumbs.

When it’s time to use the breadcrumbs in a recipe, I just pull them out of the freezer, measure what I need…and I’m good to go! Easy as can be!

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