21 Day Fix: Round 1 vs Round 2

Last week I shared my 21 Day Fix Extreme Final Review. Did you see it? Well, because I didn’t get around to writing it until I was almost 2 weeks into my SECOND round, I realized I had so much to say that I needed to break it up into two posts. So, today, I’m sharing what I’m doing *differently* this time around! It’s Round 1 vs. Round 2!

21 day fix round two

So…what am I doing differently during round TWO? Well, for starters, I’m doing double workouts most days. For those starting out, I don’t think it’s necessary (or even smart) to do doubles right away while your body is adjusting.  When I started round one, I was super sore for the entire first week as I was using muscles that I probably hadn’t used in years! This time around, I got a little bit sore, but not anything like the first round. I switched around the order of some of the workouts a little bit, but this is what I’m doing during round two of the extreme program:

  • Monday – Plyo & Pilates
  • Tuesday – Upper & 2-3 mile run (or elliptical)
  • Wednesday – Lower & P90X’s AbRipper
  • Thursday – Pilates & 2-3 mile run (or elliptical)
  • Friday – Cardio (that’s it…believe me, it’s enough!) 😉
  • Saturday and/or Sunday – Dirty 30, Yoga, 3-4 mile run, & maybe a family walk or bike ride (broken up somehow between the two days)

As far as the nutrition aspect for round two, I’m not being quite so strict. Here’s what happened after round one: I took a full week off…and it wasn’t good. In honesty, I gained back EVERYTHING I lost during round one. Again, for me, it wasn’t about the weight loss, but it wasn’t a good feeling knowing that all my hard work went right out the window…just like that. However, I know why that happened: 1) We were without a working kitchen for that entire week that I took off…so it was kind of rough on my eating habits. We went out to eat a couple times, I was eating random food pulled out of whatever spot I could find it, I wasn’t cooking anything, we were out of town for a family wedding, AND I didn’t pack any food to take along with us for that trip…so, as you can see, lots of things were out of the norm during that time. And 2) I was so dedicated to eating healthy and kept entirely ‘on plan’ for almost all of those 21 days, that by the time I got to the end, I was so ready to indulge in all my favorites again. I love eating real foods, but I still get pulled to the processed treats on occasion…so denying myself of everything for 3 weeks was hard. So, even though I’m positive not having a kitchen for a week played the biggest role in me gaining so much back, it was still frustrating. But you know what? I wasn’t discouraged one bit because I knew that when I started the program again with my next challenge group, I would snap right back…and I did! I’m now just one pound away from where I was at the finish of round two. At this point, I don’t really want to lose any more weight, but I still want to get more defined abs. And, I’ll tell you what, I don’t think my bottom has EVER been as strong as it is now!! The amount of squats and lunges we do every day is just great. I love these workouts!

Sorry, got off tangent there…back to nutrition… 🙂 So, what am I doing differently this time around? I’m not ‘denying’ myself the foods I really want…at least not ALL the time. 😉 There are times when I may eat an extra fruit or two. I love fruit and only being “allowed” two fruits a day is really, really hard for me. So, for me, I’m way better off “indulging” in extra fruits than I am feeling deprived. Also, if I want a piece of chocolate really badly, I’ll eat it. If I want some potato chips, I’ll eat them (but please don’t stick an open bag in front of me and walk away…). If my husband orders pizza on the weekend, I might have a slice. (Or I might not.) You get the idea. However, I’m not going crazy with it. I still have to be smart and approach everything with moderation. And I’m trying to plan these ‘treats’ (no matter what they might be) into my daily container counts. Potato chips, for example, I would count as a yellow container and my two tsp of oil. It’s not perfectly “on plan,” but it’s how I keep myself from going crazy and feeling deprived. This 21 Day Fix nutrition plan is awesome and it really keeps me on track with my eating, but I also don’t overthink the little details. I think of the containers as my guidelines…but it doesn’t mean they are hard-fast rules that I can’t ever break. I love to eat, so it’s good to have something that holds me accountable to my portion sizes. (My brain doesn’t always tell me when to stop like it’s supposed to. I’m working on this…) 🙂 The container system encourages me to eat the right foods in the right amounts and I feel SO good when I eat on plan these days. I know that when I eat my meals according to the color coded containers, I’m getting the proper fuel my body needs to get through these intense workouts.

And am I still loving Shakeology? Mostly… 😉 But before you think I don’t like it, the only reason I say that is because I ordered the Vegan Tropical Strawberry flavor this month (instead of vegan chocolate, like last time) and I’m not as big of a fan. It’s okay…but I much prefer the chocolate. The tropical strawberry flavor reminds me of bubble gum. I’ve mixed it with pomegranate juice, pineapple juice, and even fresh watermelon…but I just can’t get into it like I did with the vegan chocolate flavor. (However, I should note that it has grown on me a little bit recently, and when I added cherries to it this morning, well, that was really good.) Anyway, when I drank the chocolate each day, I felt like I was having something indulgent. I still like drinking my shake each day, though, and I feel good after I drink it. I also don’t feel like I need to take any additional vitamins now because I get so many benefits from the shakes each day. Plus, the extra 16 grams of protein is a nice bonus since I constantly struggle to eat enough red containers! I’m not a big fan of meat, in general, though I typically eat it several times a week…but it’s also expensive to buy all grass-fed/free-range meats, so at least that’s a bit of a trade off when justifying the cost of the shakes. 🙂

My husband actually tried Shakeology for the first time during round two, as well. He didn’t want to drink it before this because he felt like it was too expensive, BUT…his curiosity got the best of him (like it did for me) and he wanted to try it. About 30 minutes after he drank it, he said to me, “Am I supposed to have a burst of energy after drinking this??” ha! I told him that “increased energy” is one of the stated benefits of drinking it, though, I don’t notice anything quite as dramatic as he did. And, later on, he told me that he’s usually hungry between breakfast and lunch, but the shake kept him fuller much longer than usual. His response kind of surprised me, actually!! I didn’t know what he would think of it (because he’s the pickiest eater in our house…seriously, it’s annoying…), but I was glad to hear it. He hasn’t started drinking it regularly yet (because he’s super particular about what he will and won’t eat on a ‘work day,’ but I think his plan is to at least drink it every Saturday after the Dirty 30 workout. (That’s his favorite because it’s so intense on the upper body. My favorite is Cardio.)

So, anyway, now that I’ve blabbed on and on, I will end it here. 🙂 Let me know if you want to join my next group starting on Monday, September 7th. The deadline to order is, like, right now! 😉 (By tomorrow morning, ideally.) The women that have been in my first two groups are loving the nutrition portion and the workouts…and those that are drinking Shakeology are getting a bit addicted! 😉 ha They are also loving the support the group provides. Many of them have said (on separate occasions) that they would have cheated on the nutrition or not done a workout here or there if it weren’t for the support and accountability of my group. One woman even said this is the first time she has ever worked out for 10 days straight!! I love that! Makes me so happy to hear, especially knowing that I had a small part in it. 🙂

Please reach out if you’re interested in joining me! You can reach me by email: realfitrealfoodmom@yahoo.com or by Facebook message. I’d love to be a part of helping YOU reach your health and fitness goals! 🙂

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