Kroger ClickList Review

Oh my goodness…have you tried this new online grocery-ordering service from Kroger yet??? I’ve been SO anxious to try it out and when I saw that it was being offered at my local Kroger starting last week, I about jumped for joy! (Okay, I really did jump…) ūüôā And then my next thought was…’Where was this service about five years ago when I had to lug¬†twin babies AND a toddler into the grocery store in the middle of an Indiana winter???‘ But, anyway, what’s in the past is in the past. I survived, right? ūüėȬ†However,¬†now that this IS¬†an option…oh my gosh…I love it! I tried¬†the¬†service for the first time today and, as I’ve heard others say who’ve tried it already, it’s a total game changer!

Clicklist Review

You guys already know I’m a huge Kroger shopper and I love its line of Simple Truth organic and natural products. When I heard this new online service¬†was being offered in bigger markets, I was a little jealous…but I knew it was only a matter of time before it made it’s way up to where I live. Not only is this service perfect¬†for parents of little kids (or even older kids for that matter!), it’s also great for working parents who can just swing in after work and save themselves 30-45 minutes of wandering around aisles (along with everyone else that just got off work at the same time)! It’s also great for those with disabilities who may not be able to get out and shop as easily. Or people who just don’t want to get out of their cars when it’s below freezing… ūüôā

Here’s how it works…

  1. You simply login to your Kroger online account
  2. Add items to your cart (along with adding any special instructions for EACH item)
  3. Reserve your pickup time and day
  4. Pickup your order…without even getting out of your car!!

Amazingly simple, right???

Before I tried this, my biggest concern about the service was what kind of produce I was going to get. Would whoever was picking out my food be as picky as I am about my apples being bruise-free…or my cucumbers being fresh…or the ‘use by’ date for my spinach not being tomorrow?¬†I had no doubt that a bag of flour or a half gallon of milk would cause¬†any issues, but¬†could they do as well with the produce and deli counter?

My first order was a little on the smaller side for me, but it was enough to give it a real test. I ordered bananas, sweet potatoes, apples, zucchini, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, unsweetened almond milk, spaghetti, almond meal, white whole wheat flour, spinach, mushrooms, bread flour, and deli turkey slices. One of the first things I noticed during the ordering process was that I could give specific instructions for EACH item as I added it to the cart. I loved this part. This is where I felt I could tell my shopper exactly what I was looking for. So, for example, with the Simple Truth oven roasted turkey breast, I requested that it be “Sliced for sandwiches, but on the thicker side. Do not want the slices to fall apart.” And the turkey slices were perfect! It was exactly the thickness I had in mind.

clicklist deli

I was also concerned about my fresh produce: bananas, mushrooms, spinach, apples, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and tomatoes. However, all my worries went away when I got home and opened up my bags. While I probably would have purchased two¬†organic zucchinis (since the one I got was so small), I¬†did only request one and¬†it will work perfectly in the recipe I’m going to use it in.

The apples weren’t bruised at all, the tomatoes were firm, the ‘sell by’ dates for the mushrooms and spinach were far enough into the future, and my sweet potatoes looked perfect! Everything looked like I had picked it out myself.

clicklist produce

When going through the ordering process, the only item that didn’t show¬†up for me was “organic” sweet potatoes. However, I was able to order conventional sweet potatoes but then in my special instructions I stated that I only wanted organic…and that’s what I got!

This is going to be such a major time saver¬†for so many people¬†(me included)! Even though my kids are in school full time these days¬†and it’s so much easier¬†to grocery shop now, this is still¬†something I will be using on a regular basis. I’m always on the go and trying to get stuff done quickly…so going into the grocery store and spending time walking the aisles, waiting in line at the deli counter, checking individual produce, and then waiting in line again at the checkout counter…well, I’m okay skipping all that!

The service costs $4.95 an order, but I think that is very reasonable considering all the time you save from not having to go into¬†the store and wander all around…to realize you forgot something at the beginning of the store and have to backtrack all the way to the front again! (I do this way more than I’d like to admit.)

And bonus…this fee is waived the first three times you use¬†the service!!¬†You can order either directly from your Kroger app or from your desktop. This is what it looked like when using the app…


So even though there is a fee for the service, I honestly think this will¬†save me money in the long run! How many times do random¬†objects and food¬†just happen to jump into your cart when you’re shopping? Especially when you’re hungry? I know that happens to me all the time!

I also appreciated that the sale prices AND regular prices were shown as I was deciding how many of each item to buy. I still know when to stock up on something…and when to just get one and wait for the next sale.

There was only one item I wasn’t able to get and that was the Simple Truth organic spaghetti. On the¬†order form, there is a box you can either check or uncheck that allows for substitutions to be made in case something is out of stock. I chose to uncheck the box this time…but I wish now I wouldn’t have. I didn’t get my spaghetti…but if I would have checked the box, Kroger would have substituted another brand of organic spaghetti. If the substituted item price is higher than that of what you order, you will be charged the lower price. So that’s a good deal, right?


My only real complaint about the service is that you cannot just “turn the package around” to check ingredient labels, something I do quite frequently when shopping. This would only be an issue for me when I’m buying something new…HOWEVER, if I really wanted to, the internet is an amazing tool and I can find the ingredients for something with just a few more clicks. Nothing to deter me from using the service, that’s for sure! ūüôā

So if the Kroger by you offers this service and you haven’t tried it yet…what are you waiting for??? You’ll love it!

And with the time you saved, you can go for a walk, play a game with your kids, or even get more chores done around the house! ūüėČ It’s a win-win!

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