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Hi! Welcome to my site about learning how to eat real, whole foods…and enjoying it! My name is LeAnn and I’m a stay at home mom of three kids living in Fort Wayne, Indiana. My daughter is eight years old and I have twin boys who are six. In December 2012, my husband and I decided to step-up our exercise routine and get in better shape. I was tired of not feeling like “me” ever since I had my twins almost two years earlier. As we were getting in better physical shape, I came across the website 100 Days of Real Food and it changed my entire perspective on food. I was completely fascinated by everything I was reading. I’m a smart, college-educated woman…and this was the first time these artificial ingredients were really being brought to my attention. I immediately started reading labels on the foods we regularly consumed and quickly realized that we needed to change the way we approached eating. The more books and blogs I read and the more documentaries we watched, the more I realized that a “real foods” approach to eating was something we absolutely must do. I was hooked. We started to make changes immediately and I haven’t looked back since!

As I started explaining to friends and family what we were doing, so many of them had questions about what we would eat, what we were avoiding, and why we were doing this. That is how this blog came to exist! I’m having so much fun trying out new recipes for my family, as well as sharing the feedback they give me. This blog has become a great motivator for me to try foods that I never considered before. I also enjoy passing along pertinent information I find about WHY this is a better approach to eating.

My family has become excellent taste testers (and has also quickly adjusted to me taking pictures of practically everything we eat!). My kids don’t always try what I make, but I’m glad I’m exposing them to new foods on a regular basis. My hope is that they’ll be adventurous, healthy eaters when they grow up. As of now, I mainly stick to our real food “rules” when we’re home. When we go to someone else’s house or go out to dinner, we eat what is served (or on the menu). I find that this is a nice break from the normal routine and we all enjoy it. (I will admit, though, when I eat processed, sugary foods these days…I don’t feel too great afterwards. I’m still learning that it’s not always worth it!) My kids have adapted to all of these changes at home extremely quickly and I don’t think they’re “missing out” in any way without processed foods around the house. In fact, I’m pretty sure I make more fun foods and treats for them now than I ever did before! Do I spend more time in the kitchen? Yes. However, it’s something I truly enjoy doing and I love feeding my kids real, nutritious meals on a daily basis.

I’m also a runner (and have been since I was twelve years old). I’ve run every distance up to a full marathon in college and have completed four half marathons (with a PR of 1:42.17 in the Fall of 2013). My husband and I both put a high importance on being physically fit and active. Since I’ve started this journey, I’ve lost 10 pounds and now feel that I’m at my ideal weight. In fact, I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that I’m in my best shape ever…and it feels great!

Because of my success with P90X and then the 21 Day Fix Extreme program, I’ve since become an Independent Team Beachbody coach! I can continue to be a ‘stay at home’ mom, but now I also provide additional income for our family! It’s so rewarding helping people reach their health and fitness goals! If you’d like to join a future health & fitness accountability group of mine…or join my growing team of coaches, please reach out to me! I’d love to talk more about it! My email address is realfitrealfoodmom@yahoo.com.

Before and After: changes

And, most recently, I decided to take my love of fitness to the next level and become a NASM Certified Personal Trainer!! I took the exam in February 2017 and passed! This has been a life long goal of mine and it feels so good to accomplish it.

Eating real foods and eliminating processed foods isn’t as hard as it might initially seem. I am so glad we made these changes and I hope I can inspire others to make small (or big!) changes as well!

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You can also reach me by email at realfitrealfoodmom@yahoo.com.

My Family – Fall 2015

16 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi LeAnn! I found your site from Pro Blog School’s facebook page. I am looking forward to following your posts and trying some of your recipes! It looks like we share ideas on both food and fitness…I really do believe you are what you eat, and fitness is definitely important. I like to run too 🙂

  2. Hello! I’m a fellow Hoosier mom who has a love of whole foods, running, and modeling health for my family. We, too, started with the 100 Days of Real Food challenge and it was a life changer for my family. We are still a work in progress but we’ve come a long way! I’m a novice blogger and your blog is so inspiring! Looking forward to reading more!

    1. Hi Aileen! Glad you found me! It sounds like we’re very similar to each other! I will definitely be heading over to check out your blog right now!! Thanks for saying hello! 🙂 ~LeAnn

  3. Hi, Leann! I am also a mom of twins and we also eat real food. I was very fit before my pregnancy but developed diastasis recti as a result of it. Just wondering if you also went through this and if you had any tips on how to help close the gap? I am having trouble finding any affordable advice, haha! Looking forward to reading through the rest of your site!

    1. Hi Amy! So sorry it took me a while to respond. I don’t get comment notifications for older posts, so then sometimes I don’t see them until I get on my computer and purposely look. Sorry to hear you developed diastasis recti with your pregnancy! I had actually never even heard of this until recently. Thankfully, I did not develop this…it sounds so frustrating, especially when you were already very fit beforehand. 🙁 Unfortunately, I don’t have any tips for you since I’m only vaguely familiar with what it is. Sorry I can’t be of much help!! I hope you at least find the rest of my site enjoyable. 😉 Take care!

    2. Amy- I too had diastasis recti and a small hernia after 3 pregnancies. I would love to tell you what I did that helped!

      1. Hi Stephanie, would you mind telling me also about how you helped your diastasis recti? I’m in the same boat! Thanks.

  4. It was a long and not so fun journey for me. Something that helped direct me to resources was a private group on Facebook. Tons of women that have gone through the same thing gave guidance and spoke of their experiences. Mutu is a great program also Carrie Fit. I think these two woman understand DR the most in the fitness world. (Just google them) Another option is to have it corrected surgically. Many insurances will cover a hernia and DR repair laparoscopic. It’s a much quicker recovery, as opposed to a traditional tummy tuck. If you have a hernia, it helps your case with insurance. I highly recommend seeing a plastic surgeon that mainly does reconstructive surgery. They actually code things differently and that is exactly what you will need for insurance to cover it. Hope this helps a bit!

  5. LeAnn,
    I hope what I posted was ok. If not, please just delete it. I just realized you are a beach body coach and I would not want to direct anyone way from your business! You are doing amazing!

    1. Oh no…I appreciate you responding, Stephanie! And dealing with diastasis recti is something I’m not at all educated on (other than the basics) and I’ve also heard of that Mutu program before. So, truly, thank you for sharing your experiences and advice! 🙂

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