Welcome to the site dedicated to learning how to eat real, whole foods and truly enjoy them! Her name is LeAnn, and she is a dedicated stay-at-home mom to three wonderful children residing in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She is the proud mother of an eight-year-old daughter and twin boys who are six years old.

In December 2012, LeAnn and her husband made a conscious decision to elevate their exercise routines and improve their overall fitness. After having her twins nearly two years prior, she no longer felt like her authentic self. It was during this fitness journey that she stumbled upon the website “100 Days of Real Food,” which fundamentally altered her perspective on food. Intrigued by the information she found, she began meticulously examining food labels and realized that a shift in their approach to eating was necessary. As she delved deeper into books, blogs, and documentaries on the subject, she became increasingly convinced that embracing a “real foods” approach was not just an option, but a necessity. She was captivated.

Immediate changes were made, and LeAnn hasn’t looked back since. As she began sharing her dietary transformation with friends and family, numerous questions arose about what they were eating, what they were avoiding, and why they had chosen this path. This blog was born from the desire to answer those questions and share her journey. LeAnn thoroughly enjoys experimenting with new recipes for her family and values the feedback they provide. It has also become a personal challenge to explore foods she had never considered before. Moreover, she takes pleasure in passing along relevant information about why this approach to eating is superior.

Her family serves as excellent taste testers, and they have quickly become accustomed to her taking pictures of nearly every meal they enjoy. While her children don’t always sample everything she prepares, she takes satisfaction in exposing them to new foods regularly, hoping to nurture their adventurous, healthy eating habits as they grow. Currently, she primarily adheres to the family’s real food “rules” while at home, but she acknowledges that dining out or visiting others’ homes occasionally offers a welcome break from the norm, providing a different dining experience that everyone enjoys. Although she occasionally indulges in processed sugary foods, she’s noticed that they no longer leave her feeling her best, reinforcing her commitment to a real-food lifestyle. Her kids have adapted to these changes remarkably well, and she firmly believes that they aren’t missing out in any way without processed foods in the house. In fact, she believes she now prepares more enjoyable and nutritious meals and treats for them than ever before. While the time spent in the kitchen has increased, it’s an endeavor she genuinely relishes, as she takes immense pleasure in providing her family with real, nourishing meals daily.

LeAnn is also an avid runner, having pursued the sport since the age of twelve. She has completed races of every distance, including a full marathon during her college years, and has achieved personal records in half marathons, with a notable time of 1:42.17 in the Fall of 2013. Physical fitness is a top priority for both LeAnn and her husband. Since embarking on this real-food journey, she has shed 10 pounds and reached what she considers her ideal weight. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say she’s currently in the best shape of her life, and it’s a feeling she cherishes.

Her successful experience with programs like P90X and the 21 Day Fix Extreme motivated her to become an Independent Team Beachbody coach. This opportunity allows her to continue her role as a stay-at-home mom while also contributing to her family’s income. She finds great fulfillment in assisting individuals in reaching their health and fitness objectives.

Furthermore, she decided to elevate her passion for fitness by pursuing a NASM Certified Personal Trainer certification. She successfully completed the examination in February 2017, achieving a lifelong goal.

Embracing real foods and eliminating processed alternatives may not initially seem easy, but LeAnn is thrilled that she and her family made these changes, and she hopes to inspire others, whether through small or substantial changes, to do the same.